Should I buy Aftermarket Parts?

September 9, 2017

Before we start talking about the quality of aftermarket automotive parts, we should talk about what they are. Aftermarket automotive parts are parts that are manufactured by the same manufacturer that made the parts that were originally installed on your vehicle. The parts that were manufactured originally with your vehicle are called “Original equipment manufacturer”, or OEM. These parts have the carmaker’s authorization to be “authentic” parts to be used for your vehicle. Aftermarket parts do not have the carmaker’s authorization but are built to match the manufacturer’s design specifications, so it can do the same job as an “authentic” part.

Is it Okay to use Aftermarket Parts?

Now for the big question about if aftermarket parts are alright to use for your vehicle… As fellow automotive enthusiasts, we have done our research about aftermarket parts and have found several interesting facts. The biggest fact being that most aftermarket manufacturers are very focused on the quality of their products and improving on the original manufacturer’s design.

An example of how aftermarket manufacturers have improve automotive parts built by their original manufacturers is parts meant for larger vehicles. Usually for larger vehicles, like Jeeps and other 4x4s, the original manufacturer will try to save some money on the material of the part. While they save money, and turn a profit from you buying the part from them, they also sacrifice the strength of the part. There are aftermarket manufacturers that build parts with stronger material, meaning that it is less likely to wear down as fast as the original.

Aftermarket manufacturers are not hard to find, if anything they are just one internet search away. We have found that most aftermarket parts are more affordable than the OEM parts sold by the dealership. Often, the OEM parts that the dealership wants you to buy are not even an improvement to the original part, meaning it will wear down just as easily. Unlike the original manufacturer, aftermarket manufacturers offer a huge selection of upgraded parts. You can find higher quality aftermarket products like tires, pumps, fluid lines, and brake pads, to just name a few. In order to have access to this treasure cove of upgraded aftermarket parts, you need to find a high-quality and trustworthy aftermarket manufacturer.


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