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OE Quality Ignition Control Module

A control module regulates spark generation in internal combustion engines. Its primary purpose is to open and close a ground circuit in the primary winding of the ignition coil the coil can then generate sufficient voltage to fire a spark plug. The ignition control module receives a signal from the distributor to the ground of the coil at the right time. The circuitry is based on microprocessor technology with custom software. It contains reverse battery protection for accidental wrong wiring as well as ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection. The lead frame is nickel-plated to minimize connector oxidation and maximize electrical contacts. Interconnect system with double wire bonds, from the frame to the substrate

As the automotive industry improves its standards Aceon; has been trying to keep up with the rate of development to keep up with the demands of the industry, which is to conform to or go beyond OE standards. We are dedicated to keeping your vehicle performing at its best by offering you reliability, durability, and competitive pricing. Next time you think Where do I or How do I think Aceon.

Committed to Exceptional Quality

With the automotive industry improving on its standards, Aceon is trying to keep at the same rate of development to meet the demand from the industry which to adhere to or exceed OE standards. We strive to keep your vehicle at a tip-top performance by offering you reliability, durability, and competitive prices.


  • Double wire bonds make our control modules more reliable, durable, and long-lived, despite the harsh environment they operate in and intense vibrations.
  • 100% new and manufactured with the highest quality
  • Meets all OEM standards to meet the requirements of any vehicle under any condition.
  • Features a large busbar for added support and conductivity to reduce stress on terminal tabs during installation and operation
  • Copper slug heat sinks help dissipate heat and provide a more stable environment


By using advanced testing equipment that is integrated into all OEMs’ production process, OE Series Ignition Control Modules are highly durable and resistant to breakdown. These tests cover individual parts, assembly, sealing, and more.

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With the continuous expansion of our OE Ignition control Module Series, we strive to be able to meet the ever-changing needs of a market that is increasingly dynamic and competitive. As a result, we intend to present ourselves to our customers as an all-encompassing partner for all their aftermarket needs.

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