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OE Basic Series:

Aceon OE Basic Ignition coils are specifically designed for long-lasting use for all vehicles. Aceon OE Basic Ignition coils are comprised primarily of high-quality rubber to prevent energy leaks which means that you pay less to replace them.


  • Eliminate misfire
  • Direct replacement into a vehicle
  • Easy Installation

Recommended Vehicles:

Passenger Vehicles

Learn More About OE BASIC Series 

Aceon OE basic Ignition Coils cover more than 50 million vehicles in Operation today. Provides an extensive catalog of ignition coil solutions for U.S. vehicles. Engineered and produced to meet/exceed O.E.M speciation.

OE Premium Series:

Though other Ignition Coils may be made to be similar to OEM standards, our Aceon OE Premium Coils are constructed to be better in terms of longevity, reliability, and value. Our Ignition coils have a lower price and superior performance. Advanced technology helps maintain the proper resistance and turn ratios necessary to deliver a stable spark.


  • Offers 100-Percent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Quality
  • Provides Outstanding Performance
  • Offers Manufacturing Equal to the Highest Standards

Recommended Vehicles:

Passenger Vehicles and Light Duty Truck


Learn More About OE Premium Series:

OE Premium Ignition coils are made from high-quality silicon-iron alloy. It has a high- temperature tolerance, to prevent the joints and components from being exposed which can lead to a risk of failure. OE Premium Ignition coils are specifically designed to work for all vehicles. OE Premium Ignition Coils are comprised of resin and iron, creating a strong, secure amalgam that will stand the test of time making them both safe, as well as long-lasting. Two coils of insulated wire wound around a common iron core (M). One coil, called the primary winding (P), is made from relatively few (tens or hundreds) turns of coarse wire. The other coil, the secondary winding, (S) typically consists of up to a million turns of fine wire.

Heavy Duty Series – Super Duty Truck, SUVs, Off-road:

Designed for only the toughest of vehicles. These coils feature advanced bobbin technology, and highly specialized silicone magnetic steel with optimized winding, resistance, and turn ratios to deliver 10-15 percent more energy than the OEM coils. With more voltage than OE coils. Aceon Ignition Coils perform specifically for those towing heavy loads and off-road journeys, providing reliable spark energy and complete combustion.

  • Precise machinery – Provides for superior durability and minimal current fluctuation
  • Expertly designed to improve ignition efficiency and stability
  • Crafted from high-tech materials with up-to-date equipment

Recommended Vehicles:

Trucks, SUV’s, and Off-Road

Learn More About Heavy Duty Series:

Better ignition coils mean less wear on your vehicle – and better performance when you’re out on the road. Our ignition coils provide accurate and ultimate stopping performance, due to the superior processes that we use. This includes post-curing for even better durability and an advanced OE formulation.

Sport Series:

Designed for incredibly advanced performance, our Sport Series coils are made for performance street driving, light track, and autocross use. These advanced ignition coils are meticulously developed to boost your vehicle’s performance by sending more power to its spark plugs.


  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection
  • Reliable voltage resulting in smooth engine performance

Recommended Vehicles:

Sport Cars and Muscle Cars

Learn More About Sport Series:

Performance vehicles tend to run hot and hard which means they need Ignition coils that are able to keep up with them on the road. Unlike other Ignition coils, the PERFORMANCE Sport Series is designed to operate exceptionally well in advanced cars, with high-speed usage, and a very wide range of driving conditions

Stainless Spring ensures an optimal connection from the coil to the spark plug for no Voltage leaks. If your vehicle is a performance vehicle, it needs high-performance Ignition coils. Designed with an advanced performance formulation, which provides smoother and more predictable responses even over high temperatures.

European Series:

Built with top-grade material, Germany imported Elektrisoal copper wire, and German Huntsman epoxy material to meet strict European OE quality. 2000 hours of thermal shock and cycling testing to ensure extreme coil durability.

  1. Highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores with optimized windings
  2. High-temperature cure epoxy-filled housings resist shock, vibration, chemicals, and overall engine bay environment
  3. Consistent output of voltage and amperage – Generates optimal engine efficiency and better gas mileage

Recommended Use:

European Vehicles

Learn More About European Series:

  • The introduction for our European lines we have more than 240+ Skus in stock. Our coils are backed up with certification of IATF16949 and all ignition coils are manufactured and inspected before release to the market. Our European Series ignition coils take voltage from the battery to boost to a higher level of voltage.


Our OE Ignition Wire Set Series are highly durable and resistant by using advanced testing equipment that is integrated into the production process of all OEM. This includes the testing of individual parts, assembly, sealing, and more

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