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OE Quality  Sensors are in demand in Today’s Aftermarket

Our premium product is skillfully created in accordance with exacting industry standards to provide a blend of a well-balanced design and superior craftsmanship. It is produced utilizing cutting-edge machinery and industry-leading materials to guarantee enduring reliability and lasting value. This product is unique in that it comes with unmatched absolute quality assurance.

Types of ABS Sensors

ABS sensors are classified in to two different types, Passive and Active. Passive is without a power supply and Active is with a power supply.

Passive sensors

These comprise of a wire coil wound around a magnetic core and a permanent magnet. The pole pin inside the coil is connected to the magnet and the magnetic field extends to the ABS ring. The rotational movement of the ABS ring and the associated alternation of teeth and gaps effects a change in the magnetic flux through the pulse wheel and the coil.

Active Sensors

Active sensors on the other hand are a lot more accurate and are able to detect speeds of less them 0.06 mph, this is vital for modern traction control systems. Some active sensors can even detect the rotation direction of the wheels. Active sensors require an external power source to operate and work in conjunction with a toothed or magnetic ABS ring. Active sensors create a digital signal which is transmitted to the control unit in the form of a current signal using pulse width modulation.

Committed to Exceptional Quality

With the automotive industry improving on its standards, Aceon, is trying to  keep at the same rate of development  to meet the demand from the industry which to adhere to or exceed OE standards. We strive to keep  your vehicle at tip top performance by offering you reliability, durability and competitive prices.


  • Alerts vehicle’s ECM with the superior performance
  • Provides a more accurate, cleaner signal input and maximum signal-to-noise ratio
  • Engineered from high-quality materials for a direct-fit replacement
  • Quality tested to ensure long-lasting performance


Our ABS Speed Sensor OE Series are highly durable and resistant by using advanced testing equipment that is integrated into the production process of all OEM. This includes the testing of individual parts, assembly, sealing, and more

New to Aceon


Our ABS Speed Sensor OE Series is constantly expanding. Our belief is to keep in line with the evolution of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market and to be able to be chosen present ourselves by our customers as a single partner for all their needs in the aftermarket.

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