Selling Aceon

Aceon has a global reputation for setting the highest quality
standards in the manufacturing of ignition coils and fuel
pumps. Aceon manufactures our products and sells directly to
our distributors. By cutting out the middle man, Aceon Bright
allows you to offer high quality products to your customers at
a reduced cost. Our products cover 90% of the vehicles
currently on the road today; giving you broad coverage for
your client base.

Aceon Bright is dedicated to assisting our distributors with
marketing and advertising support, please contact us for the

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Event sponsorship
  • Co-marketing
  • Print and Digital advertising opportunities

Aceon Bright also runs an e-newsletter program and participates
in print and digital advertising to raise consumer awareness
around our products.

Product quality leadership, unparalleled field service and
extensive marketing support are the mainstays of the
Aceon private label program – this is why many customers
trust Aceon products with their own brands.

Standard distributors carry Aceon Bright products in-store or in their own distribution warehouses, allowing for same day service to their customers. They also generally get better pricing and shipping rates due to the fact that they order large quantities at once.

Don’t have the ability to store inventory? Just signup as a drop ship distributor and we’ll ship directly to the customer on your behalf, just send us the address! We currently have no restrictions regarding where the item is sold, so you can create your own channels or use existing e-commerce channels to sell.

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