Buying Parts 101 -Part 1

September 15, 2017

Buying aftermarket parts in a store is a great way to get car parts immediately. There are many times at which getting parts quickly is important; if you only have one vehicle and it’s in pieces the day before you have to go to work, waiting for a garage to buy in parts isn’t ideal. There are a few things you can do to make sure you get high-quality parts which will keep your vehicle running reliably.


Choosing a large aftermarkets parts store has the advantage of giving you more choices; they are more likely to have exactly the right part for your car. They also have more experience, and will know which manufacturers supply high-quality parts. Large stores are quite likely to have a better returns or refund policy if the part doesn’t work, and you may be able to order in parts from another store if they’re a chain and don’t have what you want.


On the other hand, a small aftermarkets parts store may be owned and run by people who have worked as mechanics. This means they are more likely to have hands-on experience and they may be able to offer you advice about your purchases and what you need. Of course, your options will probably be more limited, so if your car model is not a particularly common one, or you need a very specific and rare part, smaller stores may not be a suitable choice.

Part 2

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