September 21, 2017


Ignition Coil play an important role in igniting and generating the engine spark. So, any ignition coil problems can easily result in engine performance problems. Basically, the engine of your car has a coil. It is a high-voltage transformer consist of two wire coils – the primary and the secondary coil which wraps around the primary one. The secondary coil has more twists and turns compared to the primary coil and the current of the battery runs at the primary coil.


Every time that a solid-state device in the electric ignition suddenly disrupts the current, it is called the breaker points. These breaker points help the coil function properly. As the circuit breaks abruptly, it subsides the magnetic field and a powerful magnetic field takes over the secondary coil.


Due to the extremely high voltage that the ignition coils are usually subjected to, over time ignition coils also lose insulation and wore out. Just like spark plugs and other car mechanical parts, ignition coils are subject to wear and tear.Here are few signs that your ignition coil is already malfunctioning:

1.    Your vehicle engine backfires or misfires.

Faulty coils can cause damage to your engine performance and reduce gas mileage as well as cause power and acceleration problems. It is important to get your car checked immediately to avoid escalating the problem and dealing with more serious problems.


2.    Problems starting the car.

If there is not enough ignition spark, you will have problem in starting your car. Another indication of a malfunctioning ignition coil is when you have trouble starting the car in the cold.


3.    Significantly reduced gas mileage

If there is less power transmission that reach to our spark plugs, this will result to your car struggling more and use up more fuel to make up for the lack or shortage of power transfusion.


4.    Stalling Vehicle


When there are irregular sparks due to faulty coils, it will result to a stalling car. Your car may constantly shut off completely when you bring it to a stop and will require you to restart it every now and then during your ride.

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