September 20, 2017

OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer. Simply put, it refers to the company that originally built or manufactured a certain product. More recently though, it has been used to refer to an automotive product or equipment that is manufactured by the company itself that provides the original part in the assembly of the vehicle.


The Benefits of OEM Parts


There a lot of advantages when you opt to use OEM products and parts including:

  1. High quality and exact replacement.

With OEM parts, rest assured the OEM part will be the same quality as the original one.You will not risk choosing incorrect sizes and ill-fitting parts.

  1. More Efficient Performance.
  2. They are highly professionally-made.
  3. OEM parts are covered by vehicle manufacturers too. Most manufacturers give warranty when it comes to replacement parts and will also cover the labor needed.


Some OEM Parts Considerations


The Cost

Pricing is the main driving factor when buying automotive parts. Generally, the OEM partspurchased straight from the original manufacturer may cost more.


The Trouble with Limited Availability

If your vehicle is a limited edition or from a less popular brand, you may have trouble with the limited availability of the replacement parts you will need. There may be few authorized dealers of your needed part and special orders have to be placed which may result to delays in your order.


The Benefits of Choosing Aftermarket Parts


Sometimes choosing aftermarket parts for your car parts replacement can be a better option due to the following reasons:


  1. More Choices.

There are much broader choices for aftermarket parts compared to OEM parts. There are now a variety of well-known aftermarket brands and manufacturers to choose from of varying quality and pricing.

  1. Aftermarket Parts Are Usually Cheaper than OEM parts.

Depending on the replacement part you will need, choosing aftermarket products can potentially save you bucks because they cost cheaper than OEM brands.

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