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European Series

  • Built with top-grade material, Germany imported Elektrisoal copper wire, and German Huntsman epoxy material to meet strict European OE quality. 1000 hours of thermal shock and cycling testing to ensure extreme coil durability. Increased engine efficiency with improved engine combustion that can add up to 35hp Supercharged, Turbo, & Nitrous).


  1. Highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores with optimized windings
  2. High-temperature cure epoxy-filled housings resist shock, vibration, chemicals, and overall engine bay environment
  3. Consistent output of voltage and amperage – Generates optimal engine efficiency and better gas mileage

Learn More About European Series:

  • The introduction for our European lines we have more than 600+ Skus in stock. Our coils are backed up with certification of IATF16949 and all ignition coils are manufactured and inspected before release to the market. Our European Series ignition coils take voltage from the battery to boost to a higher level of voltage. Based on the type of coil you have; it could reach 20,000 up to 60,000 volts or higher.


Our OE Ignition Wire Set Series are highly durable and resistant by using advanced testing equipment that is integrated into the production process of all OEM. This includes the testing of individual parts, assembly, sealing, and more

Recommended Vehicles:

European Exclusive vehicles

  1. BMW
  2. Mercedes
  3. Land Rover
  4. Audi
  5. Mini
  6. Fiat
  7. Volvo
  8. Volkswagen
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