OEM or Aftermarket Parts? Part2

September 8, 2017

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by companies not associated with your vehicle’s original manufacturer. Despite not having the carmaker’s authorization, these parts will not void your vehicle’s warranty (only if they are direct replacement parts). These parts are designed exactly like the original manufacturer, so the part will work the same way and sometimes even better than before.




As you can see above, the pros and cons of both type of replacements are pretty much even. However, picking between the OEM parts or aftermarket parts is more of a personal decision because of the variable involved in every situation. You should only request aftermarket parts if you are more familiar with aftermarket brands and have experience working on your own car. If you know what you are doing, aftermarket parts can save you a good chuck of money. So, if you know that this is not for you and you rather not risk buying a bad part, you should stick to OEM parts. When you request an OEM part, you are ensured quality unlike some aftermarket parts.


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