September 20, 2017


So, your car has broken down on you again. It seems like it is always broken instead of working and the constant repair appointments is beginning to wore you – and your wallet out. And, finally you have had it and pretty much you believe that it is time to move on from your decades-old car.

Ah- the smell of a brand-new car! New cars are nice. Well, it is just the way it is – with car trims and models getting better and improved features almost every now and then.Yet, the question is, is buying a new car a smart choice? Would you be better off fixing your current car instead of buying a new one to save money? How do you know when it is time to trade in your old car and move on to a another car?

While there is no exact answer to thequestionsabove here some important things you should keep in mind before you jump into the decision to trade up your ride.

The Natural Effect of Wear and Tear


Just like the rest of mechanical things, no matter how much a car is well taken care of, a car is always subject to wear and tear. The damages due to wear and tear simply happens naturally and inevitably. Spark plugs and brakes get worn out, upholsteries get ripped and the wheel bearings get rusty and altogether electrical parts will just stop working. Eventually, these items that are prone to deteriorations must be replaced. Over time, the little problems may start cropping up and you will find your self spending more for expensive repairs.


When Fixing Up Your Car is a Smarter Option

Money – it is one of the biggest factors when making a decision to trade in an old car for a new one. Indeed, there are times when purchasing a new ride is not the smartest decision for you. Here are somescenarios when it would be better off for you to just get your car repaired:


  1. From a purely financial point, buying a new car is expensive and more often than not it is waycheaper to have your car repairedinstead of abruptly buying a new ride.
  2. Sometimes you will be confronted with very expensive bills for replacing and repairing worn out car parts, that you may be tempted to simply forget about the old car and head on to the nearest car dealership – or resort to buying used cars instead. While buying used cars can potentially save you money, remember that it comes with risks too.
  3. Insurance fees and registration charges will bite a huge chunk of your budget when you buy a brand-newvehicle.
  4. A brand-newvehiclewill easily depreciate and quickly lose its value.
  5. The thing is, recent car models are supposed to be able to serve you for a longer time. They are now more advanced and designed for longer functionality. If the car suddenly malfunctions earlier than expected, getting it repairedmomentarily shouldstill keep your daily transportation needsand you can avoid unnecessary and unplanned expenses because of hastily buying another car .You can instead start saving up money for that time you will really need to get a new car.
  6. For you, your car is more than just a ride and you have developed an affection to your car. This is quite normal specially if that car was your first purchase or it is a present from someone very dear to you andgetting another car would also mean saying goodbye to beautiful memories.


When Buying a New Car is the Ultimate Option


Making the important decision to buy a new car typically boils down to money, safety, and features. Here are some scenarioswhereinpurchasing another car might be the ultimate option for you.


  1. You no longer wanted to worry about car breakdowns in the future. Sometimesthetrouble with your old car willjust keep cropping up and a repair is not a guarantee that it won’t malfunction again. This can pretty much be so stressful. But if you purchase a brand-new vehicle, it sure comes with a warranty and for at least a couple of years you won’t have to fret about spending money for serious repairs. Today, most cars even come with a free package for standard car maintenance.
  2. You have gone weary of the constant visits to the mechanical shop. Repairs may take time and over time it may happen far too often it can be costing you a lot oftime, money and resources.
  3. You are just completelytired of your old vehicle’s constant malfunctioning. Let’s face it, a car that goes broke at any moment can be very embarrassing and will cost you a lot of stress. Maybe it’s time to allocate a budget and finally consider getting a new car.
  4. Your safety is far more important. Old and unreliable cars may put you in a bad shape and make you prone to accidents. If this is the case you must seriously consider buying a new car. Additionally, latest car models offerenhanced safety and security features such as anti-collision warning, smart brake system, cameras, better traction control and more.


When do You Consider it the Best Time to Purchase a New Car?


There may be different factors that’s going to hold you up from buying a new car. That’s normal. However, if the amount you have spent on the repairs is already greater than the car’s value itself or even more than a year’s amount of monthly installation, it could be a strong indication that you need to buy a new one instead.

There already plenty of options so that getting a new car may not be as financially intimidating. You can either lease cars or avail of financial planning system. Buying a pre-certified used vehiclecan also be a cost-effective solution. Just be sure to carefully examine the vehicle for potential hidden problems. A new car will be much enjoyable to ride, offer more reliability and better mileage, has more advanced features and improved safety. At this point, it would make sense to say goodbye to your old friend and purchase a new one.


How to Extend Your Car’s Life Span
The key to effectively extend the life of your car is proper care and maintenance. Make sure you carefully follow the manufacturer’s guide on proper maintenance intervals. It may also help to take advantage to the wealth of information available online. Join helpful forums and get more perspective in proper car care and get tips from others regarding appropriate repairs and maintenance.


On Car Trading


Overall, buying a new car is a serious decision we may all face at certain points of our life. Money can largely be an intimidating factor. It would be wise not to wait for too long and prolong your agony of dealing with your old car. You can start making a decision while the car still does not lose its entire value. You can either sell it or trade it and the money you’ll get can help you make a down payment for your new car. Check out your car dealership options and take advantage of rebates and promos so you can further maximize your spending. After all, nothing beats the peace of mind you will get when you are riding a new, safer and more reliable car.

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