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OE Quality Spark Plug Wire Set in Today’s Aftermarket

When having to repair your ignition system it’s a battle against the clock. If you want to restore the original performance of your vehicle’s ignition system, this product is what you have been looking for. Aceon ignition wire sets are engineered to meet strict OEM regulations. Our engineering expertise and experience can allow us to provide superior quality noise, suppression, durability, and lastly conductivity. Our sets have been designed to withstand the high voltage and high temperatures. All wire sets are backed up with OE fitment and specifications guaranteed.


  • High-temperature silicone outer jacket resists moisture
  • For added durability, our cables are made with a flexible fiber inner core
  • To retain the winding during stripping and to strengthen the inner core and conductive acrylic latex coat has been added
  • Fuel savings and High-grade firing
  • Exceptional performance


Our OE Ignition Wire Set Series are highly durable and resistant by using advanced testing equipment that is integrated into the production process of all OEM. This includes the testing of individual parts, assembly, sealing, and more

New to Aceon


Our OE Ignition Wire Set Series is constantly expanding. Our belief is to keep in line with the evolution of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market and to be able to be chosen to present ourselves by our customers as a single partner for all their needs in the aftermarket.

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