Why Do I Need to Garage My Car

September 23, 2017

For some homeowners, a garage just seems to be an extension area for storage where old refrigerators and other old stuff are dumped. To some, it is merely a place to park the car. Generally, we hardly take notice of our garage. But, for our cars, a garage is their haven, a shelter or a protective nest. Here are the reasons why you should have a garage for your four-wheeled mechanical friend:


A Garage Offers Total Protection

Parking your car inside your garage protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. Yes, excessive UV rays is not only damaging for you – it can also harm your car. It will cause rapid paint color fading and it can significantly shorten the life of your car’s tires and the rubber seals.


Keeping your car inside the garage means it will have more protection against scratches and dirt. Exposing your cars to heavy dirt and dust can hasten the deterioration or damage to its protective finishing.


A Garage Will Keep Your Car in Good Shape Longer

Keeping your cars in your garage will save your car from untimely damages and scratches. A garage will keep your car safe from the harsh weather elements and potential falling debris and basically, it means that it will maintain its good shape longer. It will ultimately benefit you because a garage offers protection to your car’s paint and finishing so you no longer have to shell out additional money for a repainting job.


If you find your garage a sort of a boring place there are different ways to make your garage more exciting. You can put a personalized touch and work on adding more aesthetic value to your garage and you will be surprised at how it can help add joy when you are working on your car.


Listed below are some important things you should consider to make your garage a more protective dwelling for your precious cars:


Balanced Temperatures

To ensure the best protection, it is more advantageous if you have a garage that is climate-controlled. It must have a functional heating system and well-performing air-conditioning system. Particularly during winter, keeping your car warm inside your garage will save from trouble starting your car and ensuring your car’s interiors are kept warm and ready for the time you will need to use the car.

A heated and air-conditioned garage will be more practical for car collectors where the garage also serves as the showroom.

A climate-controlled garage can be an additional cost. If you don’t want to spend extra for this, you can at least just make sure that your garage’s roof is in excellent condition. Ensure that there are no leaks or ugly holes.  Your garage flooring also matters, when you have a bare and dirt floor it is going to allow moisture to set in your car and may cause corrosion in your car parts -exactly the reason why garage floors should also have adequate pavement.


Keep your Garage Clean and Organized

Dirty and cluttered garages make it a favorite dwelling for rats and rodents. These rodents can cause damage to your car more than you can imagine, it can chew on the car’s electrical wiring, insulation and even the upholstery. So, make sure that you keep your garage free from trash and rubbish and keep it as organized as possible.


Majority of homeowners are also guilty of using their garage as a place to store lawn mowers, bikes, large furniture and snow blowers. While sometimes, this cannot be avoided, bear in mind that placing these objects carelessly can possibly damage or scratch your car. So, it is important to ensure that these objects are not placed super close to your car to avoid contact. Always allow extra spacing and keep the garage door free from clutters. For an extra protection, you can also utilize car covers to cover up your car.


To Garage or Not to Garage?



Obviously, garages provide extra protection for your car. Just like the roof on your home, your car also needs the best protection from your garage against the hot weather and the snow in the winter. Keeping your car inside the garage also protects your car from scratches and overall help maintain its good condition longer.  Your garage is a home for your car – keep it clean and well-maintained!

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