Our Culture

September 7, 2017

The culture of a company is its most valuable asset. It sets in place how the company will run and how its people will treat one another. For these reasons, Aceon hopes to build and strengthen a Culture of Contribution. This is why there are no “employees” at Aceon because our goal of mutual respect makes everyone a Contributor. The string that connects all of Aceon’s wonderful Contributors is Our Core Values. Our Core Values are the infrastructure of our Culture of Contribution and include:

Without Our Core Values, we would not be the Aceon we would want to be. Our Contributors would not receive the respect that they deserve and our company would be weaker because of it. In order to have a strong company, Aceon puts a lot of emphasis on Our Core Values to ensure that they are instilled.

Teamwork and Respect

We all know that “teamwork makes dreams work” but it is more than just a fun phrase to say. Being a part of a team means understanding and respecting the views of every Contributor. In order to be an effective team, Contributors need to learn to embrace the diversity of their fellow Contributors. As a company, Aceon is just one large team filled with a Contributors from all walks of life that deserve to be treated with respect.

Learning and Growing

The best part about working in a team environment is having access to new thoughts and ideas. The diversity of a team allows us to encounter new ideas that we can all learn and improve our work with. There is bound to be some conflict between team members which is only natural. However, we should aim to resolve conflicts in a professional manner and try to learn from it. At Aceon, we should all be open to learning from our fellow Contributors and grow from all mistakes or conflicts.

Quality Customer Service

In order for any company to succeed, they need to have a high standard for the quality of customer service delivered daily. As a company, Aceon trusts its Contributors to deliver high quality customer service every day. We value our customers and don’t want then to be treated as just a service number that needs to be taken care of. We want our Contributors to treat our customers with the same respect and dignity that we treat one another. Each customer is a person that has the same depth of emotions and feeling just like every one of our Contributors. Therefore, customers should be treated in a way that reflects that.

Innovation and Creativity

We believe that every idea is valuable and worth sharing. Aceon knows that our Contributors are capable of some innovative and creative ideas that can help our team. The only way to become stronger as a company is with the flow of creativity and innovational ideas.

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