Aceon Business Areas

September 6, 2017

With a focus on innovation and ideation; Aceon is always interested in being new and different. We have fantastic Contributors, and ask you to look through the core business areas listed below, imagining how your own contributions could increase Aceon’s future success in the automotive market.

Our Product Groups are at the centre of our success in the aftermarket world, operating individual business units. The structure allows the Groups to share best practices, but also permits autonomy and individual adjustments to suit specific businesses. This makes for an overall makeup that is both flexible and organised, allowing individuals freedom and scope, coupled with good guidance. We have more than 10 Product Categories, and are constantly expanding.


Product Lines:

Ignition Coils

Ignition Distributors

Ingition Control Modules

Fuel Pumps

Spark Plugs

Engine Mounts


and More….

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